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Google Optimization

Introduction to Google & Optimization

Have you any idea which Google algorithm update has affected your search engine optimization rankings? Google Panda & Penguin are very different. If your search engine traffic fell significantly on the 24th April 2012 then the launch of Google’s Penguin algorithm is the cause of your penalty.

A large drop in search engine traffic near the 24th April 2012 indicates that Penguin’s off-page algorithm is the cause of your ranking penalty.

You can’t make improvements to your search engine optimisation until you have an accurate idea of why your website has been affected.

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Google Ranking Report Software

Google Ranking Report Software – Exactly Why Do You Actually Have To Have It?

Anyone with a online business ought to know where they are ranked in the major search engines. Although ranking report software is undoubtedly most useful for everyone with multiple internet websites and web entrepreneurs, that doesn’t mean it’s any less useful for a typical website keeper.

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Choosing Memory Sticks

How to Choose the Right Memory Stick

Portable memory sticks and cards can be bought in in many different storage sizes and speeds. Different capacity memory cards and sticks are designed for different data storage applications.

Hundreds of millions of Flash storage units are manufactured throughout the world each year, and many are not ideal for their use.

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