Online iSpy Smartphone Game

Smartphone iSpy Game

Online games such as ispy are becoming increasingly popular, with many to choose from. The rising sales of smartphones has fueled the growth of the online gaming industry.

The majority of games can be expensive for children to play. Finding free games for children to play isn’t always easy, although there are lots out there if you look hard enough.

The age old game of I Spy has joined the pantheon of traditional games that have been adapted to play online. Now you can hunt for ten items in a list and photograph them instead of crossing them off in an I spy book.

I Spy was originally played by children using books with collections of different objects you need to find. When you find one of the objects you ticked it off on the page and carried on searching for the rest of the objects until you had found all 10 in the collection.

Choose a ‘mission’ to play, or create one of your own and hunt for the 10 items listed, then take pictures of each item using a smartphone or digital camera and upload straight to the online scoreboard using either the iPhone or Android app, or from your memory card onto a PC.

The I Spy game is ideal for treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, field trips, days out, sight seeing, groups, clubs, schools and societies.

Choose from playing one of the many pre-written ‘Public’ missions or write your own mission to play against your friends.

I Spy treasure hunts and scavenger hunts are a great way to entertain and amuse children for hours. Set up games for them to play where ever you are, home, holidays, days out, the possibilities are endless.

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A treasure hunt is a list of ten items that have to be found. Set different points for easier or harder items.

You win points depending on the amount of items you find in each mission. Points convert into coins so you can buy more missions.

Hundreds of public missions are ready to play, or customise your own mission just how you want it.

Smartphone I spy is taking the internet by storm, with thousands of new players joining daily.

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