Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Roof Inspections & Repairs

Your roof is the first line of defence, protecting your home and contents from the elements year after year. Annual or six monthly roof inspections from a reputed roofing contractor will save you from massive repair bills.

Small roof damage is often ignored but can quickly lead to more expensive repairs if not dealt with quickly.

The majority of roofs in the UK use either cement tiles or slate, with thatch or shingle tiles only used very rarely.

It is important that you have your local roofing contractor keep an eye on your roof for signs of wear and damage so you can make a repair before expensive damage is caused.

roof inspections and maintenance
Regular inspections save you money

A roof is constantly under attack from the weather, extremes of heat and cold, frosts and ice, rain and wind as well as wildlife and plant life too.

Differing weather patterns put your roof under a lot of stresses.

Your roof has to be able to expand and contract as the temperature changes and over time that movement can cause tiles to crack or slip.

In addition, animals often cause damage to roof spaces, which again can cause tiles and ridges to move, slip or be dislodged completely.

Quite often, the first thing you know about a loose ridge tile is when it lands in your garden or on the bonnet of your car in your drive as soon as the wind gets up.

Something as simple as a missing or slipped tile can allow a strong wind to lift your roof into the street.

Cement flashing around brickwork and chimneys is susceptible to moisture which will soon cause damage once it is allowed to penetrate the cement. These are often the first areas of a roof to need maintenance.

If allowed to fall into disrepair, wooden fascias will rot and decay, causing further damage to your roof trusses. These support your main roof structure and are expensive for your roofer to repair.

Annual roof inspections by a trustworthy roofing company will highlight potential roof issues saving larger repair bills in the future.

It makes sound economic sense to maintain your property to protect the investment you have made. With your roof, a stitch in time really does save nine.

An annual roof inspection provides the security you need to know that your property is ready to fend off the worst of the winter weather.

Knowing that your roof is secure and watertight will give you piece of mind, knowing that your home is safe from the worst the weather can throw at you.