Clay Shooting Basics

The Basics of Clay Pigeon Shooting

Shotgun Types

There are 3 basic designs of 12 bore shotgun, Semi-Automatic, Over and Under and Side by Side.

Game shooters traditionally use side by side shotguns. On a side by side, the barrels are next to each other.

Over and unders have one barrel above the other. Clay shooting favours over and under shotguns.

Single barrelled auto’s are often used by wild game shooters for shooting pigeons.

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Online iSpy Smartphone Game

Smartphone iSpy Game

Online games such as ispy are becoming increasingly popular, with many to choose from. The rising sales of smartphones has fueled the growth of the online gaming industry.

The majority of games can be expensive for children to play. Finding free games for children to play isn’t always easy, although there are lots out there if you look hard enough.

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